Website privacy, contact and licenses

Website privacy:

The privacy policy only affects this website, the app itself does not access the internet.

Personal data is only logged for security reasons. Tracking technologies are not used.
When visiting this website your complete ip address is stored for up to seven days; this ip address can identify you. This is necessary to prevent attacks. If suspicious activity is detected your ip address is stored as long as necessary to evaluate or stop the activity.
The server log contains time of visit, visited subpage, user agent (browser and operating system) and the ip address described above. This data is deleted after maximum seven days.
This server is hosted at STRATO AG. This is necessary to effectively provide this service. With STRATO AG a data processing agreement exists protecting your personal data.
EU: This logging including your ip address is done in accordance with sec. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f. GDPR for security reasons.
If you have questions you may write an e-mail.


Jonathan Herrmann-Engel

Website licenses:

The licenses only affect this website, the app' s licenses are shown in the app itself.

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