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About this app


MOROway App started as a small Adobe Flash animation project 2011 under the name "MOROway Animation" (Versions 1.0-3.2). Four years later the next and last update for the Flash version was created featuring e.g. a third train (Version 4.0). Since 2018 MOROway App is a modern HTML5/JavaScript web app (Version 5.0). In the period after this major update several new features like switches for the trains and an automatic mode for the cars were added. Since 2019 a multiplayer mode is available (Version 6.0). The following releases improved usability and performance. The 2021 update offers three new trains and an option to save the game's state (Version 7.0). Hereafter usability and UI improvements followed. 2022 a seventh train and a turning loop were added (Version 8.0). One year later a 3D-view followed (Version 9.0).

Since 2014 MOROway App is also available in Google's Play Store. Microsoft Store, F-Droid and Ubuntu's Snap Store followed.

MOROway App is an open source project and you may find the source code on Github (starting from April 2018). From 2022 on translations are handled using Weblate.


The archive contains the previous releases in chronological order.

This release history page is of huge size. Therefore only use with unlimited data volume.